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What is business catering? 

Business catering is the maintenance of the company restaurant in the premises of a client. In addition, an 'in-company caterer' can also provide coffee services, vending machines and other extra activities. At your request, the caterer takes care of all food related matters for you; from taking care of lunch in the restaurant/cafetaria to ordering cakes for birthday celebrations and special anniversaries.

RAS as your company caterer

If you choose RAS Catering as your company caterer, we will discuss with you to see what concept is suitable for your company. The end result is fully tailored to your wishes and requirements. We survey the food culture within your company and make a selection of products/ingredients. Our terms of contract/agreement form is flexible. "No need for long term agreements". 

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Our Clients

International Water House in the Hague - IRC, NWP

There are many meetings at this location for which RAS Catering provides lunch coffee services. In addition, we provide the daily lunch service for staff and guests. Upon request, RAS Catering takes care of the reception services and other functions in the building.

Municipality of Zoetermeer - Waste transfer and recycle centre

At this location we have a complete food counter providing a wide range of snacks and sandwiches throughout the day. We provide this for the staff and the visitors.

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