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What is School Catering?

The term 'school catering' means the provision of food and drinks during breaks and possibly the maintenance and supplementation of vending machines. In addition we provide food and drinks during open days, symposia, sports days and other activities outside of school hours.

Moreover higher demands are made on choice, quality and price. In addition, the Dutch government is also expecting more and more responsibility in the field of healthy food. RAS Catering supports the Dutch concept of the 'gezonde schoolkantine' and works together with the school to integrate this concept.




Our locations

Erasmiaans Gymnasium at Rotterdam

As a public secondary school in Rotterdam, the Erasmiaans Gymnasium attaches great importance to cultural diversity and respect for your fellow man. The school distinguishes itself from other schools by paying explicit attention to the intellectual education of the pupils. Cultural education is an important point of attention here. 

RAS Catering provides sandwiches, drinks, cookies, sweets and fruit for the pupils in the Cantina during the breaks.


French School - Lycée Vincent van Gogh at The Hague

Since september 2018, in collaboration with DeliDej, RAS Catering is the provider of freshly filled lunch boxes for the pupils of the French International School in The Hague. 

Meals are prepared in respect of French tradition with a Dutch twist. Since the start the demand has grown from 80 lunch boxes per day to 200. An addition of a food counter at the school is on the way. In this counter there will be freshly made soups and other healthy snacks which will be served throughout the day.




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